Thank you for coming to Beacon Riverfest

From the album Flyaway Garden by Breakfast in Fur on Bar/None Records. The animation overlays in this video include film images originally produced by Bruce and Katharine Cornwell. Live footage of Breakfast In Fur provided by Amanda Altobelli, Mike Amari, Jeremy Aquilino, Leann Bescript, Jaf Farkas, Joe Hollis, Kate Larson, Maurrice Papi, Sara Preston, Cristina Razzano, Graham Walker, and Judy Wolfe.

Newly signed to Bar None, “Breakfast in Fur sound like a band mediating between bustle and bliss, their hearts pulsing to the beat of tense, Bowery_beaten locomotive rock…” Pitchfork “Breakfast In Fur’s future feels limitless.” Relix